• Current model is perfect for restaurants , banquet hall , hotels and wedding receptions , party and all special events
  • Thanks for our designer and workshop team , different size , style , colors‘s cover can fit more chairs 
  • Custom made is always welcome
  • We not only target cover your chair , more providing a soltution for you 
  • Your satisfaction is guaranteed 



    Design your own chair cover – perfectly fitted to your chair.

1-  Please mark the chair which comes closest to your model.

2- Supply detailed measurements as requested below the drawing.

3- Send clear pictures of your chair from the front – side – back.

4- Select the requested design from chair cover models.

5- Select the requested fabric & colour(s) from our shade cards.

6- Mention requested quantity in order to provide best possible prices.

Type no:

A- Width of the back rest from top…

B- Width of the back rest from bottom…

C- Height of the back rest…

D- Width of the seating area…

E- Depth of the seating area…

F- Height from seating area to floor…

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