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At a small county in the central of The United States, there is a girl named Angela, she is a beautiful and kind girl. 

When she was very young, she liked fairy tales very much, looked forward to a fantastic wedding someday. 

As time goes by, Angela fell in love with a young handsome boy, named Young. Young was not rich as Angela. Although Angela has been dreaming of a fantastic wedding, but forced by the reality, Angela got married to Young without a wedding, just a few friends came to their wedding. It was a kind of pity, but Angela and Young didn’t disappoint.

Angela couldn’t forget her childhood dream, a fantastic wedding, the dream in her mind goes on and on.

One day, there were a boy and a girl who like Young and herself, they were going to get married sooner. But they didn’t have enough money to hold a wonderful wedding. Angela got know that, she is a very kind girl. Even though she didn’t get a dream wedding, Angela also want to help them to hold the dream wedding. 

Ingenious Angela find some fancy and practical but cheap materials like polyester, spun polyester, satin and organza fabrics to make table cloths, chair covers, napkins and other wedding decorative linens. She used these linens to decorate old tables and chairs.

This young couple got dressed by Angela. In the wedding day, so many people came, they looked around this amazing decorations, felt unbelievable. Happiness were all surrounded in that wonderful wedding day.

Few days later, because of that fantastic wedding she took place for that young couple, people from nearby counties came to rent these wedding linens from Angela.

Angela and Young so excited, they decided to get a workshop of wedding and event decoration. With the earned rents, Angela bought her first sewing machine, improved the production process, her wedding linens became more and more better, and their business became more and more bigger. Because of Angela and Young, so many new couples got their dreamed fantastic weddings.

Angela’s workshop became a big rental company few years later, the name of this company is READOR. READOR comes from reader, means heart reader. Angela said I want to reader all girls heart, I know the desires in their hearts, because I also get this desires. “E” changes to “O”, because “O” is a full circle and period, means global and completeness, someday, READOR will became a global company, help couples all around the world to get their dream weddings.



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